Here you will find a subset of my PIRatE lab’s oil-spill related work that may be of help interpreting the Refugio oil spill.

This is an excerpt from a chapter I wrote about the Deepwater Horizon that discusses historic oil spills.  The 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill summary begins on page 5:


Here is our key work summarizing what happened with the Deepwater Horizon spill:


This is the laughable response the industry’s lobbying arm proffered to our (above paper).  Firstly, it was great that they felt the majority of our analyses were spot on.  But the fact they questioned our questioning of the efficacy of dispersants and their “evidence” was 1) an incorrect reading of the facts and 2) a few aerial images is pathetic.  This correspondence begins wither their comment, our response to this comment starts on page 2:


Here is a news piece about the controversy surrounding dispersants:



We are about to publish the update of this annual study of public opinion about coastal management, energy production, etc. but this update from a few years ago will give you the big picture (it hasn’t changed that much over the ensuing 4 years):


Our seafood-realted surveys and the effect of oil spills on the public attitude towards seafood is summarized in this poster from a few years ago: